10 May 2013

Pepijn works as a financial administrator in Prague

Hi, I’m Pepijn and I am living now for almost 8 months in the beautiful city called Prague. Why did I move to Prague? In May 2012 I had a school excursion to Hong Kong to see the culture, but also important for two presentations at two large Dutch multinationals. These presentations formed my interest that I wanted something new and then I went to the internet  and searched what were the possibilities of working abroad. Soon I came to the site of Globaljobbing and replied on a job in Ireland

After a few days Jeroen (Globaljobbing) contacted me. He gave me more information about the jobs abroad and we exchanged some information as well. After that the process was started. The nice thing about Jeroen is that he honestly informs you about the vacancies in foreign countries. And he also told me what to expect when you go abroad. He was very helpful during of the process. For example: he gave me some good tips how to write an English CV.

Ireland was my number 1 destination, but after a few conversations, it was getting clear that my English was not good enough to go to Ireland, Jeroen was very honest and said that it was better to look for something else. A few days after the disappointing news, another call of Globaljobbing came and he shared a new option. They were looking for someone in Prague for a job where you do not need to call that much, and my English was not that important as for the function in Ireland.

I looked at the profile of the function in Prague and I was sure I wanted to have this job. After a few interviews with the company I was informed that I was selected but still had one conversation with my supervisor and team leader with Skype. This also went well and after a short period  I had the news that I was selected for the job.

It is a very professional company with a good procedure for people who are new.
You get a manual with all the information you need when you come to Prague

After a while I took off and arrived in Prague. I was very happy and was ready for the adventure. I went one week before the introduction training to Prague so I had some time to arrange everything. Two weeks after my arrival in Prague I had pretty much arranged everything. I had a new room, a bank account and I was busy with the training.

I work for a client who is one of the largest record companies in the world. The work is very varied. You also get the opportunity to join useful trainings to improve your work. And it is not only for now but for the rest of your life. Prague is a beautiful city to walk around. You have everywhere nice pubs and bars where I regularly come with two Dutch colleagues to have some food and drinks. And something everybody cares about is the salary. I can say with my salary it is easy to get by. Of course it depends on what you are doing with you money. But I can pay my rent, groceries, clothes and I still have money to put on my savings account.  And what is also important is that it is easy to go to Holland by plane. It just costs 80 Euros for a return ticket.

I hope I’ve made you excited for working abroad. I certainly don’t have any regrets moving to Prague and I am very happy with my life here in Prague. It’s really excited and I have been meeting many new people. And why choose Globaljobbing ? Because Globaljobbing really helps you a lot to have a nice job abroad.

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