About us:
We understand that the right people are the key to every successful organisation. With the right people a workplace becomes more efficient, enjoyable and ultimately more profitable. Finding the right employee is a time consuming and expensive process for most companies. Globaljobbing reduces the time and energy required in this process by helping you hire the right person the first time around. Whether you’re located in the Czech Republic, Ireland or beyond, we will broaden your source of talent in a highly competitive global market.

Established in 2007, Globaljobbing has over 5 years experience in recruiting multilingual personnel for international clients. We specialise in the global job market and our experiences from working abroad and our understanding of the global job market are essential to our success.

Globaljobbing boasts an impressive list of clients ranging from blue-chip multinationals, to smaller privately owned businesses operating across a broad range of different industry sectors. Our clients are located in Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Malta, Cyprus, Spain, UK and South Africa.

Job Sectors:
Our area of specialism is multilingual talent. We work within the Outsourcing / BPO sector, Human Resources, Gaming, Sales & Marketing, Telecommunications, Contact Centre, Financial Services, , Information Technology and Hospitality.

We recruit native speakers of the following languages: Dutch, Flemish, German, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Italian, Spanish and many more. Candidates must also speak a confident level of English.

For more information on how Globaljobbing can fulfil your organisation with multilingual staffing requirements, or to discuss more specific details, please call us today on: 0031 413 379 000. Alternatively please fill in and submit the Globaljobbing client contact form and we will contact you.