Recruitment process

It’s our business to know your business, analysing your required candidates role is very crucial in the recruitment process. Our dedicated recruitment specialist will work in partnership with you to gain a clear understanding of your organisation, company culture, structure, policies, your objectives, and the position. Your search will be conducted with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Globaljobbing uses a variety of methods in order to search the right person. Some of the tools and techniques we use to attract the best people include: database searches, press advertising, Internet advertising, social media, networking and referrals.

Candidate Screening & Selection: 
Every candidate has an initial telephone screening interview. If the candidate indicates a match with your requirements we will invite the candidate for a face to face interview where possible. In this second interview we want to confirm that the candidate is qualified by skill set, experience, motivation, career fit, income expectations, location and other essential requirements to the job description.
If required we will carry out skills testing, education and qualification checks, references and Visa status.

Globaljobbing present a shortlist of the best available candidates with a personal summary on each applicant. We discuss the options with you and advise if necessary. We organise a further face to face or telephone interview for you and the candidate, we correspond regularly and keep up to date with the application process.

Integration & Retainment:
When a position is offered our trained consultants will be there to support and assist the candidate with relocation. Globaljobbing will remain in close communication with both the company and the candidate. We follow up periodically with both you and the candidate to see how the new employee is performing and to ensure that everything is going well.