29 December 2011

Freddie works as a financial analyst in Prague

Hi, I am Freddie, 28 years young and I moved from the Netherlands to Prague in April 2011. The most frequent question I was asked……why?

In the winter of 2009 I was looking for a more challenging job abroacaptain Freddied. By searching the web I found Globaljobbing. I sent an email and before I knew I was talking about the possibilities they offered. After a good analyzes Jeroen (the founder of Gl
obaljobbing) and I decided an introduction to a company in Munich had to be made. The convenience part of applying for a job at Globaljobbing is they will take care of everything. Jeroen provided me with all the information I needed by email or by phone. So the only thing me rested to do was to actually get the job. In this case, unfortunately, the company decided to cancel on the job due to economic recession and reorganization.

Due to circumstances I moved after this story from the North to the West of NL to help out a friend. But I still wanted to go abroad so I contacted Jeroen again. This time we met in person and after we had a good chat an introduction was made to a company in Prague. Jeroen arranged everything and I took on my suit and arranged myself the job in Prague, where I still am.

Ceske Krumlov

The company I work for is a world leader in consultancy and outsourcing, they have chosen Prague as their European outsource business. They have offices in three places: consultancy (down-town), outsourcing centrums in North and South West (both business parks). I work at Nove Butovice, like twenty minutes from the center by metro. I work as an accounting clerk at the department of order to cash. This deal is a big record label which operates worldwide. The position became available because they wanted a native Dutch, and that is why I collect cash from customers in the Benelux. On this deal are working approximately forty people, mostly Czech or Slovak but also from Spain, Italy, Russia, Portugal, France and Scandinavia.

The metro in Prague is really convenient, just like the rest of the public transport. Plenty of busses and trams and they all ride very often and are really good priced. Although, I was told Prague is much cheaper (I have not been here before) than the Netherlands, it is really a western city and offers everything you can imagine. There is a very good nightlife (not just the weekends), there are a lot of bars/restaurants and the Czech cuisine is really good (some good gulas with bread dumplings or duck with cabbage and dumplings). Of course there are a plenty of tourists and at these places prices are like in A’dam. But outside that area you find the better restaurants or other places to go and enjoy yourself. I started to do some kick-boxing and the people there are also very multi-cultural. Actually this is very typical in Prague, it is really big mix of cultural and offers opportunities for people from all over the world.

Also outside Prague, in the rest of Czech Republic, there are a lot of opportunities to have some fun.view from hill Zizkov I went with some friends on a road-trip to the South, during this trip we went for crafting in Krumlov, had a walk through the big forests of the Sumava and visited the beer museum in Plzen. Beer is probably the most popular Czech drink, for me that is ideal! In the west of Czech Republic there is a lot of spa and wellness (Marianske Lazne and Karlovy Vary). Very nice places to spend some time with your girl- or boyfriend. In November I will do a trip to the North, Liberec, to see some “Czech Alps”.

So…..for someone who is willing to have some change and wants
to go abroad I would recommend Prague. Great place with a lot to offer. Really central in Europe and lots of possibilities to grow. I am happy I made the decision.

So live your life!

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