29 December 2011

Charlotte works as a Sales Manager in Munich

After I got my Bachelor I didn’t exactly know what I wanted to do with my career. I had a nice job in the Netherlands but somewhere I knew that it was not really what I wanted. So I took a look on the internet and then I saw the vacancy in Munich on Globaljobbing.com, it was a vacancy that was written for me and I send a spontaneous letter to Globaljobbing.

It didn’t take long before Globaljobbing contacted me, we had nice, frienWorking and Living in Munichdly open conversations and that was perfect to know each other and also to present me to the company in Munich. And through this I felt more connected to the vacancy then before.

But for the job interview I needed to go to Munich. A long distance by car what I never did before, but I was so curious to the company and the people over there. So I took my mother’s car and drove to Munich and the first Job interview was even better than the information I got over the phone. But the company wasn’t sure yet and they wanted to see me again. So I drove again the long distance for a 2nd job interview and the same day I got a call from the company that I had the job!!

Wiesen, Germany

That’s how my live started in Munich, from letter to the first day of work, it only took 3 weeks. I left everything behind to start my career. What was really nice, is when you are a citizen of the EU, you can work and live everywhere. So no visa stuff. My colleagues were really kind and helped me with all my questions (registration, finding an apartment, open a bank account) and still I can ask a lot of things. Now I’m already for almost 3 years here and I have grown on the business side but also on personal side. And I don’t regret it that I moved here and left the Netherlands behind me to make a new start in the beautiful city Munich. Of course sometimes I’m a little bit homesick but then I’m back in a few hours. My Dutch friends are really important for me and after a while you discover who really your friends are and it’s another reason to travel a little bit and meet each other in different places in Europe, where you both never have been (London was great to do). Also when you’re coming back to NL, you have something to tell. Or just let them come over and celebrate the Oktoberfest with your friends and let them join the Bavarian culture in Munich.

To make a long story short, this chance I took it with both hands and I decided to take the challenge. I gave up a lot of things but with the help of Globaljobbing, my colleagues and my new friends, a whole new life started and I’m working for a great company and living in a beautiful city!

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