26 February 2013

Hans works as a Contact Centre Agent in Prague

Who would feel like starting a nine to five job in one’s home land right after high school graduation? I certainly didn’t, and upon finishing my studies I was seized with the desire to go and work abroad. After all the drudgery at school, I felt that I deserved to gain some life-long experience before lifting off my future career in Belgium. Therefore, the newspaper advertisement for a helpdesk agent in Johannesburg served my turn. A job abroad seemed attractive to me; you can gain new experience, you can find new friends and you can explore a completely new country. After about a year of exploring South Africa, I returned to Belgium where I found a new job. It did not take more than a year working there when the call of far countries returned to my blood. There was no other way for me than to go back to South Africa, this time the choice fell on Cape Town. The immense beauty of this city at the foot of the Table Mountain had overwhelmed me during my last visit, and made thus my choice a lot easier.

There I was working for the Dutch and Belgian market. An interesting job with a lot of career opportunities. I was working there together with people from various backgrounds: Congolese, French, African, Dutch, etc. It is indeed the cultural enrichment and exchange what makes a job abroad so attractive. For the rest, I explored the country itself a little bit more, I made some nice excursions, and I was extremely delighted that I could be a part of one of the biggest sport events in the world: the soccer World Cup.

After this unforgettable experience, I felt the urge to go back to Europe. However, I knew one thing for sure: I was not to become an employee in Belgium.

During my job search, I discovered the website www.globaljobbing.com. Thanks to their knowledge and experience they could provide me with a lot of information and help. The truth is that the choice of various job offers was in fact too wide for my hesitative character, so they did not make my choice easy!

In the end, my eye fell on a vacancy for an international company in Prague. A company with a good reputation, which also gives you a lot of possibilities to grow. At the moment, I have been working here for about eight months and so far the job and the city of Prague have kept me interested. I want to stay here for a little while before setting off for another life career adventure. What will my next destination be? I do not know exactly yet but one thing is certain, it will be abroad!

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