1 March 2012

Clement works as a technical support agent in Belfast

It all began when I posted my resume on the website of Globaljobbing, saying I was looking for a job abroad, within the European Union, especially in English speaking country: United Kingdom.

Only two days after having posted my resume, Jeroen from Globaljobbing reached me, telling me that my application was interesting regarding a job available in Belfast.

That was exactly the kind of experience I wanted to try: living abroad for a while, being able to meet new people from everywhere in Europe (and beyond), and getting used to the British way of life. I had been to the UK earlier and I have to say that I loved it. Eventually, I thought it was also a good way to practice and improve my English.

Jeroen explained me every side of the job (mission, salary, working conditions,) the expectations from the company, the life in Belfast, the way to travel etc… I was clearly explained everything from the very beginning.

I had a couple of interviews with the company in Belfast. Then everything went very quickly, in a couple of weeks, I finally got the job and flew straight to Belfast, one month after the first contact with Globaljobbing.

I admit I didn’t know much about Belfast before arriving.

I was pleasantly surprised though once in town. Most of the people are very kind, prices are not that high (rent, retail stores, internet…) and the city is not so big, you can easily cross it by walking. The only thing that I can actually complain about is the weather, which is known to be rainy and cloudy. Don’t expect the temperature to go over 20 degrees in July/August.

The city itself isn’t that touristic, so you can do everything that needs to be done in a week only. If you come around Belfast, don’t miss the Titanic Museum (and its brand new surrounding area), the visit of the City Hall or the Queen’s University and the Botanic Garden.

There are also many great places to go out especially in the South which is very dynamic (the student part), nice shopping centres, and of course crowded pubs and bars (the Crown, the duke of York and many more)

The company I work in made my arrival easier. Indeed they paid for the hotel for 1 week which gave me some free time to look for a flat. The flight ticket was also paid, and so was the taxi to commute from the airport to Town.

Finding a flat was easier than expected, and after few days, I was settled. Jeroen had given me some links to search for a flat or a house sharing, as well as many recommendations and advice so I wasn’t worried or stressed the first days, as I knew that everything was going to be fine, and it did.

There were no bad surprises, and everything was just like Jeroen described it. He was always available if I had any questions, and that truly helped me, and made me feel more confident, about the job and the city.

At work, I met people from Spain, Italy, Hungary, Portugal and many more, and some of them are now very good friends. Week-end isn’t boring at all in Belfast.

The company is quite young, and very dynamic, as described above; there is a large variety of people coming from everywhere. It is also easy to get promoted (team leader, technician supervisor…) after only few months spent within the company. The training takes 3 weeks, and is very interesting, although there are still many things to learn once on the floor. The French team I work with was very welcoming and helpful from the start.

The county is small, so you can see many things, and there is no need to drive hours and hours. For example, Dublin is only two hours far from Belfast.

Me and some friends rent a car and went through the entire Northern Ireland area, as well as “Southern Ireland”, and there are so many great things to see (Giant Causeway, beaches, cliffs, and of course typical green Irish hills). Irish countryside is magic.

I have now been in Northern Ireland for almost 10 months, and I can tell you I’m enjoying it, and I don’t have any regrets. I might stay here longer than expected.

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