26 February 2013

Ben works as a CS Advisor in Dublin

When I was looking for a job abroad, a few years ago, I stumbled upon the website of Globaljobbing. They had a lot of jobs in Ireland on offer, so I decided to send them an email with my resume. I got a reply from Jeroen asking me when I was available for a phone interview.

During that call, he offered me a position at the Customer Services Department of a company in Dublin. Since I was interested in the job, he arranged an assessment to take place the following morning by email. Couple of days later, a job interview was conducted over the phone, during which I must have impressed the company as the very same day I received a call back that I got the job! So in about a week’s time, the whole procedure was dealt with! Just before taking off to Dublin, I got an email from Jeroen with some general tips & tricks about living abroad and some testimonials about working in Dublin.

I started my training together with other new employees from France, Germany, Spain and Ireland. It was truly an unforgettable experience to learn about their culture and to get to know the daily life in Dublin and Ireland. But that was exactly why I decided to move abroad!

My intention was to stay for a year, but by now it’s already been three years and still enjoying it lots. As with every country, off course Ireland has some major setbacks like the unpredictable weather and a healthcare system in total shambles. But that shouldn’t stop you at all from taking the step, experience what a real Irish pub is like and get to know this wonderful green island!

And since Dublin is the home base of Ryanair, there’s no reason at all why you can’t hop over to your home country, or any European city you fancy, for a short trip without it costing the earth.

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